Welcome to my new website!

The emphasis on this website will be on aspects of trauma and trauma healing. This will include such topics as stress relief, the symptoms of trauma, and the treatment of trauma.

Why look at trauma?

Traumas are the neurological remnants of a past event that was perceived as either overwhelming or threatening. These remnants remain after the survival response, which was automatically launched by the brain for our protection, was either thwarted or ineffective in its attempt at protection. They then remain in the body and resurface every now and then or quite regularly. These remnants determine how we react in situations and what we will pursue for happiness. In fact, these lingering effects from a past trauma run us completely. The get activated as surely as Pavlov’s dogs salivated to the bell.

There are a lot of treatments for trauma that just don’t work. They provide temporary relief either by masking the pain or converting it into another form. For instance, many out there will encourage one to desensitize to trauma by reliving it over and over again, hoping to deaden the effects. This only results in  retraumatization. The original symptom may vanish but another will appear. What may have been panic attacks will now become irritable bowel syndrome. The trauma remains; only the symptom changes.

So this website will attempt to educate and promote the latest in the field of trauma and trauma therapy.

Hopefully, this will encourage people to seek relief for various conditions by addressing the underlying traumas behind them.

Thank you,

~Larry Kessler~

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