Trauma and PTSD: Healing Soul Pain

A Trauma and PTSD Treatment mixes ancient soul healing with the modern understanding of how the mind works.

This video from Dr. Jane Simington beautifully illustrates her way of working with the Soul Pain of trauma. She combines modern psychotherapy with Shamanism to create a way of working that inspires an elegant movement of the soul toward healing. The process is then reintegrated with the mind for a complete healing.


I support everything Dr. Jane does in this video. To the mental and soul piece, I would also add the body. The three need to be brought into harmony for full recovery. I do believe Dr. Jane touches on the body piece with movement and drumming. If you would like to know more about how shamanism can help in the treatment of Trauma and PTSD, contact me.

Or if you would like to know more about Hawaiian Shamanism, click here.

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3 Responses to Trauma and PTSD: Healing Soul Pain

  1. sandy dow says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post Larry!

  2. pamela falconer says:

    i am looking for more information regarding healing from soul pain. i have been on anti-depressants and don’t feel depression is the problem. when i read about “soul pain” i immediately understood what it was that i was feeling.

    my grandmother is a residential school survivor, my mother ended up in as a ward of the government as a young child. i have always felt connected to their pain/shame?

    i have also been diagnosed with ptsd. i don’t know which is worse pulling a man from a car underwater and then telling his wife/mother/son he is dead due to a drunk driver or having a man try to kill me with my own gun.

    i am a single mother raising a five year old and a police officer. i need to deal with this inner pain to raise a happy child.

    can you please send me information on your workshop etc.


    • L. Kessler says:

      Dear Pam,
      Just getting back to you.
      Contact me if you’d like to start healing this soul pain. I know exactly what your are talking about.
      Larry Kessler

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