Trauma and PTSD: The #1 Cause of Human Suffering

I created this site to alert people to the dangers of Trauma and PTSD, the Number One Cause of Human Suffering on the Planet!

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Larry Kessler

There are many types of trauma:

  • explosive combat traumas of war and PTSD
  • high-impact traumas of car accidents, falls, and attacks
  • seemingly milder traumas of medical, dental, and surgical procedures
  • tortuous trauma of sexual assault
  • forgotten traumas of childhood.

All of these impact our livelihood, decimate our sense of well-being, mutilate our relationships,  and destroy our families and children.

I promise to give you  the tools you need  here to find your own traumas and heal them. You will also be able to help those you love suffering with theirs.

One thing we know:

Trauma and PTSD do not get better with time.

If left untreated, they get worse.

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