No PTSD? OtherTypes of Traumas

Besides PTSD, there are other types of Trauma.

trauma, PTSD, PTSD treatment, anxiety, sleeplessness, insomniaMost people don’t believe they have trauma and therefore don’t seek help for it no matter how much damage it exacts on them and their families. But trauma isn’t necessarily systemic like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). We may be traumatized in such a way that it affects our relationships–friends, family, and business–but do well in all other areas of life, leading us to believe we are okay.

Most know what PTSD is. So if we don’t have its symptoms, we don’t think we suffer from trauma. But there are many other types of traumas. And if we have them, we suffer because of them.

  1. Stress: This isn’t really a trauma if it’s effects–anxiety, sleeplessness, anger, fear–go away within a month. But if they linger on any longer, then it is trauma.
  2. Hard Traumas: These traumas are the “big” ones that have a specific time and date you can point to, like car accidents, a fall, an attack, a tornado, earthquake, etc.
  3. Soft Traumas: These ocurred over a long period of time, such as abuse from a parent or spouse, living with an alcoholic, caregiving, work-related abuse, etc. They all took a toll on the body, but because they went on for so long, we adapted to them and think that the miserable way we feel is normal.
  4. Innocent Traumas: These had no intense emotions attached to them like being bitten by a dog, sports injuries, etc.
  5. Cultural Traumas: In America, 9/11 traumatized the entire nation and all its people. Where were you when the twin towers were attacked? Chances are you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard about it–a sign that you were affected by it. And how many times did you watch the images replayed over and over again? How could we not be traumatized by the horror?

We may not be devastated by something as severe as PTSD, but all of these traumas leave a lasting impression on the body that will continue to grow over time and manifest in illnesses and behaviors that affect us and the people in our lives.

The good news is that these traumas can be discharged from the body.

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