Obama: Ending Stigma on PTSD

Obama addresses the stigma in the military towards Trauma and PTSD.

This one minute video contains a segment of his speech to the American Foreign Legion in Minneapolis on Tuesday, August 29, 2011.

(Sorry, but the clip contains a 30 second commercial at the beginning.)


This is the first step in helping combat veterans to seek help for Trauma and PTSD.

Please leave a comment and share it with others you know who may suffer from PTSD by clicking the links below.

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2 Responses to Obama: Ending Stigma on PTSD

  1. david sandel says:

    maybe you saw LOOKING FOR CORPERAL RYAN ! SO MANY BELIEVE THAT WHAT THEY SAW IN THAT MOVIE MUST DESCRIBE HOW PTSD OCCURS!!! Well any soldier with boots on the ground in Viet Nam anyway will tell you there are a multitude of differant “incidents”! That progressivly accumulate into the incedent bank while in a combat zone and in Viet Nam that was the whole country; the whole damn war; all the time 24/7! And everyone did their job and everyone was always in DANGER!!! But for the VA PTSD APP you should descibe your “incident” right here ‘ with evidence like witnesses; unit information(whatever that is)sharapnel pieces etc, etc.:________And it should include your charge up Omaha Beach!!!!! Your psycologist probably has never been in any service including the Girl Scouts; onley experienced a country at war on MASH!! and of course will be female and probably has never even left the USA for even a vacation. She probably was first born when you got out or was found dead behind her desk with pencil in hand!!!!! The Veterans should first rate the psycholigists for their experience for relativeness; how applied and salary rating!! THINK? If you can!!! i AM A ONE YEAR VIET NAM VET 1965-1966 I DON’T HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING TO ANYBODY!!!!

    • L. Kessler says:

      Dear David,
      You are right in that no one can know what it was like to be in combat other than someone who has been there. Hopefully, my website is offering you the hope that what was suffered there and carried back can be helped. Talk therapy has some value but not much. Prolonged Exposure therapy and EMDR are dangerous. That is why I suggest a Somatic approach that works with the trauma that is stored in the body. Believing that only someone who has been there can help you is part of the trauma. It dismisses the possibility of help and allows the trauma to remain. It takes you nowhere. When you’re stuck in a well, does it matter if the person who throws you a rope has ever been in a well? Take the rope.

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