The Trauma of Being Bullied

Bullying Trauma and PTSD

The video below is very touching and shows the trauma that results from bullying. As it goes on and on, the trauma can develop into PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).


How sad that these young people had nowhere they could escape to in order to get away from their tormentors. As common as bullying is amongst the young, it continues throughout life–in the workplace, in churches, wherever groups of people gather.

The effects of being bullied when young haunts people the rest of their lives. It’s truly trauma and PTSD. Even after the bullying has long passed, the pain they felt colors the interpretation of their interactions with people in the present. They can become shy and withdrawn in social settings and often feel as if others are out to get them. It can destroy relationships and careers decades later.

Trauma work is so important to help these people. Even as adults, years after the bullying stopped, they need help in order to live full lives connected to other people. This is one of the categories of trauma that goes unnoticed and does so much damage due to the prevalence of it in our society.

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