Trauma in Individuals and Families

A Model of Trauma
. . . and how it applies to the individual and families.

The mechanisms of trauma and PTSD have been detailed over the past 30 years with the improvements in neural imaging. Less, however, is known about how trauma affects the family system.

The following diagram by Michael Reddy– at–graphically illustrates his point of view on how the dynamics of trauma affect both the individual and the family system.

trauma, PTSD, Family Constellations, family therapy, anxiety, stressFamily Constellations is a therapeutic technique developed by Bert Hollinger that addresses the effects of trauma in the family. Not only does it relieve current traumatic pressure on the family, it can also disentangle the traumas that originated in past generations that still exert their influences on the current generations.

While Somatic Experiencing may be one of the best tools for helping to heal trauma and PTSD in the individual, family constellations is one of the best methods for dealing with traumas that linger in the family system.. Working with either the individual or with the family affects the other. But when the 2 treatments are combined, they complement each other and the results are astonishing as each supports the healing in the other. Both the individual and the family can find resolution and peace with a new sense of aliveness for each member of the family.

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Comment below if you have personally witnessed the effects of trauma on your family– traumas that happened in past generations that are still echoing throughout the current generations .

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