Combat Vets, Trauma and PTSD – Part 3

Percentage of Combat Vets with Trauma and PTSD
since WWII.

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This graphic shows the prevalence of drugs and alcohol amongst combat vets, even those seeking treatment.

It also gives the percentages of combat vets with PTSD from all the wars the U.S. has been engaged in since WWII.

Finally, it show that combat is only one of the causes of trauma and PTSD in the military.

This is very sobering and highlights the need for treatment and taking care of our returning vets.

If you or someone you love has returned from the service and is grappling with trauma and PTSD, encourage them to get help.

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One Response to Combat Vets, Trauma and PTSD – Part 3

  1. Elizabeth Holloway says:

    I watch many programs on television about World War II, with its many different battles fought around the globe. In every one of these programs, veterans of these battles are interviewed. They still break down when they’re interviewed, and they never forget their horrifying experiences as soldiers fighting on the battlefield. They talk about their comrades dying all around them. Some veterans of the European theatre have witnessed Nazi atrocities ( committed by the SS), and some spent time in captivity in Nazi prisoners-of-war camps. As they grow older and their health deteriorates, the veterans of World War II have more frequent nightmares and flashbacks. The war really never leaves them.

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