Combat Vets, Trauma and PTSD-Part 1

Who Will Have Trauma and Get PTSD?

This is the 1st of 5 blogs that will show graphics on various aspects of trauma and PTSD.

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Although the data in these graphics are geared towards trauma and PTSD in the military, they also contain a lot of fascinating statistics about the general population.

In Part 1, the graphic shows how many in the U.S. will suffer from PTSD at some point in their lives and compares that with the number of combat vets. It also breaks it down into the number of women vs. men who will get PTSD.

The following 4 blogs will detail even more facts about what trauma and PTSD is, what its symptoms are, who gets treated, and what some of those treatments are.

I hope you find this series of blogs eye-opening as to the nature and prevalence of trauma and PTSD–not only in society but also in the military.

If you know someone with trauma or PTSD, encourage them to get help. If you are a parent of a son or daughter with PTSD, help them to get help. Even if you have to pay for treatment outside the Veterans Administration–which provides mostly horrible, antiquated, and ineffective treatment–do it. Do it for your children, their families, and their children. In my opinion, the most effective treatment is Somatic Experiencing.

Please share this series by clicking on the links below. The more information that circulates about trauma and PTSD, the more people who will seek help.  You can always contact me by filling out the form on the right or by clicking here.

One things is certain: trauma and PTSD do not get better with time–they get worse.

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