Dr. Bob Scaer on the Nature of Trauma

In this excellent 46-minute video, Twig Wheeler interviews the neurologist Dr. Bob Scaer  about just what trauma and PTSD is and how it affects one’s body and life. This is discussed in a way that is easily understandable and concise.

They bring to light just how many chronic illnesses, syndromes, addictions, and personality disorders can be better explained by what we now know about what happens in the body and the brain in trauma and PTSD. This opens up entire new ways of looking at them and treating them.

Twig Wheeler, a Cultural Animator, has said that our culture needs a better understanding of just what trauma is and how it can quite often be easily treated.

Many of our everyday stresses sometimes overwhelm us due to an overwhelming event in the past. Once this awareness about the nature of trauma has spread, more people will look for help with what they think is merely stress and be treated. This will yield happier people that will in turn make the world a better place.

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