Preventing Early Childhood Medical Trauma

How Early Childhood Medical Traumas Can be Helped and Prevented.

If you have ever been hospitalized as a child, had one of your own children undergo medical treatment, or know of a child who will undergo medical procedures, this video is for you.

In this moving and informative 10-minute video, several authorities talk about the trauma that can come from early childhood medical procedures. Dr. Robert Scaer and Peter Levine talk about the how hospitals routinely cause traumas that have effects years later. Then Ana do Valle addresses the case of Emma, a young girl who had many medical procedures when young.

You will be touched by the story of Emma.


We tend to think that what happened in childhood stays in childhood. But medical traumas stay with people the rest of their lives, impacting emotions and behaviors and their abilities to live fully.

Please share this video and get the word out. Peter Levine has said that traumas are the number one cause of suffering on the planet.

Knowing what trauma is can help you take steps to prevent future traumas in yourself and in the ones you love. It can also help you heal from the traumas you may have already had.

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One Response to Preventing Early Childhood Medical Trauma

  1. Molly Rider says:

    What a great video to bring to light. I was in a car accident when I was only 18months old and only recently as an adult have I connected that experience with my anxiety in hospitals and doctor’s offices. It has been a good road of letting go.

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