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The Body and Emotions

The following video is an interview with Raja Selvam, one of my teachers, who teaches a program on Integral Somatic Psychology. In this interview, he talks about how traditional psychology has focused on the brain as the source of emotions … Continue reading

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Is PTSD Common?

PTSD can happen to you if you have ever been through a trauma. Trauma is a stressful event that happened to you, or you saw it happen to someone else, that was shocking and scary. Usually, you had no control … Continue reading

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How You Develop Trauma and PTSD

Developing and Coping with Trauma Life is pretty much predictable and you usually have a sense that you are in control. Sometimes life is exciting, and you feel on top of the world as adrenaline courses through your veins. But … Continue reading

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Managing Anger and Trauma

Anger Management or Trauma/PTSD Treatment? Anger is neither good nor bad. Like most emotions, it’s perfectly healthy and normal and helps motivate us to take an action of some sort. Healthy aggression helps you to set good boundaries and spurs … Continue reading

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