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2 Responses to Contact Me

  1. L. Kessler says:

    Great comment Joaquin. Time and good family support go a long way in helping. However, without the support or help from someone else, time will merely bury the symptoms of PTSD until a trigger unearths it and it once again takes over. PTSD also has the power to destroy families, eliminating that vital support. What do people with PTSD do then? One thing they can do is find support from friends and other social groups. That will help. Most people learn how to cope with PTSD the best they can. The better they cope, the more normal they feel. However, the PTSD is still there. Even with time and family support, the symptoms that seem to have subsided will eventually surface once again and cause damage to relationships, jobs, and health. More often than not, this damage is never linked back to the PTSD, especially if a lot of time has elapsed between a successful coping strategy and the onset of the later damage. So many don’t link their high blood pressure, sleeplessness, and host of other physical ailments that arise to the trauma that happened years ago. Getting help from someone who knows how to deal with trauma is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to eliminate PTSD with the least amount of collateral damage.

  2. L. Kessler says:

    I totally agree with you Maude.

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