Family Constellations

Family Constellations

“We are affected by the seven generations that come before us and affect the seven generations that will follow.”  Francesca M. Boring, Shoshone elder.

Just as the human body contains the innate ability to heal itself, so does the family system. And just as symptoms and conditions can arise in the body from events that happened years ago, so can issues with health, emotions, relationships, and money crop up in our lives from events that happened in the family way in the past–even from events in the generations before we were born. We call such challenges entanglements.

In Family Constellations, the sources of these problems may be found and resolved, allowing not only oneself, but also one’s family, to be free of these entanglements. Coming to a Family Constellations is like giving a gift to yourself that enriches your life and the lives of those you love.

Below is the opportunity for you to accept this gift for yourself, for your family, for those who came before, and for those who will come after you.

Why Do Family Constellations?

  • To improve your quality of life.
  • To develop yourself.
  • To manage your problems better and resolve them on an emotional level.
  • To change patterns that limit you, cause you pain, and make you unhappy.
  • To know what you really want and what prevents you from knowing this.
  • To reveal secrets in your family you have inklings about in your feelings and dreams.

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How Can Family Constellations Help You?

  • Deal with conflicts with your parents and not pass them on to your children.
  • Change your relationship with your spouse or partner.
  • Get to the bottom of your physical illness so it will heal.
  • Find the cause for your anxiety and depression.
  • Go further than with traditional therapy and move on.
  • Understand your problems in a way you can’t by putting them into words.

“The deeds of an ancestor can create family karma that continues to influence the fate of the family’s descendents until the karma is dissolved.” ~Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Shinto priest

Bert Hellinger

Considered one of the most respected psychotherapists in the world today, Bert Hellinger has transformed the heart and soul of family systems therapy by shining a light on the hidden, and quite often destructive, loyalties within families. While much of psychology concentrates on exploring the conflicts in one’s childhood, Hellinger’s work examines the tragedies in one’s family. Hellinger has observed that traumatic events, such as the premature death of a parent, sibling, or child, an abandonment, crime, or suicide, can exert a powerful force that affects later generations.


Bert Hellinger

When we are entangled with unhappiness and trauma from the past, we can find ourselves suffering with a former family member’s feelings of anger, guilt, fear, anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses, or unfulfilled relationships. It’s a common theme in families: sad mother, sad daughter; alcoholic father, alcoholic son. The relationship difficulties of the parents are quite often mirrored by the children.

Hellinger developed his work into  Family Constellations, an effective therapeutic process that helps to break destructive family patterns of unhappiness, illness, failure, and addiction. The results are often immediate and life-changing. Family Constellations have become one of the most rapidly expanding forms of therapy in the world and is practiced in more than thirty countries. It is popular in Europe, South America, and Mexico–and gaining momentum in the United States–because it is fast, inexpensive, and effective. Its application has even grown to include a valuable way to penetrate the problems within organizations such as businesses and governing bodies.

In a Family Constellation, a person chooses others from a group to stand in for family members. Surprisingly, these representatives feel what the people for whom they are standing felt. The stresses on the family system then come to light and can be resolved. When this happens, the love hidden in the system begins to flow and a deep sense of wholeness follows.

Change Your Family,
Your Relationships,
and Your Life!

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  1. Magdalena Perez says:

    My name is Mago. I have received the therapy called family constellations by Larry Kessler. This therapy has uncovered the truth about me and a lot of my family secrets related to me. By knowing the truth, I’ able to understand why my life was in turmoil in every aspect. Because of this beautiful therapy, my life is becoming easy and starting to heal in every aspect of my life. Especially, I’m allowing to receive love and kindness from myself and others. I’m grateful for it. –Magdalena Perez

  2. Silvia aragon says:

    Hello family consteladora and do not speak much English I have 9 months at Paramount ca. My reason des write if you know someone ask you help in receiving therapies of family constellations in Spanish you can pass my information thank you. Tel. 718 650 2465 you send an embrace of life. Silvia Aragon.

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