1 Hour Meditation Review

The Growing Popularity Of Meditation

Stress levels everywhere are soaring. Busy schedules, financial woes and constant communication has limited our ability to simply relax and unwind.

Our mind works in ways we will never understand. More importantly, think of when your best ideas come to you, it happens when you are not trying to solve problems. It usually happens when you are relaxed, on vacation, or sleeping.

These days everyone from Steve Jobs to Madonna meditate to improve their overall well-being. Shouldn’t you?

Whichever meditation method you choose or the frequency you practice, meditation will provide you with a natural source of energy and stress relief.

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What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a relaxation technique that has been around for thousands of years. While it has been more formalized as a spiritual discipline in the East, in recent years thousands of people have been using it in the West as a method to reduce stress levels and maintain mental focus.

Meditation is a focused contemplation and relaxation of the mind and body that promotes inner awareness and reduces stress. While many people do use meditation as part of their religious practices and prayers, it can be used without any mystical attachment as yet another tool in the arsenal against stress.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is being increasingly used hand-in-hand with Western medicine to alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress, and for its psychological benefits. While there have not been any conclusive studies into the efficacy of meditation, it can be argued that it is simply not possible to quantify the benefits of such an internal practice. Practitioners of meditation often ascribe massive benefits to the practice, including a healthier emotional life, ability to deal with everyday stress, and a deeper mind/body connection.

Breath control is a huge part of meditation and as such meditation has been shown to produce lasting benefits for asthmatics or anyone else who suffers from a respiratory illness. Western doctors are beginning to advise patients with respiratory issues to follow a regular course of meditation with breath control exercises. In essence, meditation can help those who have trouble breathing to re-learn how to breathe properly.

Guided Meditation

Beginners who are just getting into the practice of meditation often find it easier to use the assistance of a teacher or audio recordings in order to follow along to something during the course of a meditation. Simply performing one hour of guided meditation per week can have huge effects on your breath control, fitness level, and general emotional wellbeing.

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