The First Step

Larry Kessler

If you think either you or a loved one may have trauma or PTSD, then check out the table below.

We all know about the big “shock” traumas that can cause PTSD–assaults, war, car accidents, etc. What this table tries to do is find clues that aren’t so obvious yet indicate that you may be suffering from Trauma or PTSD. It does this by having you check off physical symptoms or behaviors you may have experienced in the past or are experiencing now. It also asks you to check off conditions or situations you may have experienced while growing up. Sometimes the disturbances that we went through in childhood can erupt later as adults.

See if You suffer from Trauma or PTSD

Check the list below and note what conditions, situations, or symptoms apply to you either in the past or right now. You can also see if someone you love has Trauma or PTSD by checking the list for them.

Physical Abuse Domestic Violence Mental Illness in Parents
Sexual Abuse Adoption Raised by Grandparents
Neglect Addiction in Parents Little or No Childhood Memories
Eating Disorders Bipolar Diagnosis My Childhood was “perfect”
Sleeplessness Borderline Personality Diagnosis Amnesia for time periods in your life
Successive Care Givers/Foster Care Chronic Pain Immigration, war, poverty, persecution
Medical Conditions that don’t respond to treatment Fibromyalgia Cult Associations
Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Crohn’s Disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Rashes, skin disorders Migraines Bronchitis/Asthma
Pseudo Seizures Self-destructive Behaviors Alopecia


If you checked three or more, then you have Trauma or PTSD.

It is affecting your life, your relationships, and your health—whether you know it or not.

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Trauma does not get better with time.

Trauma and PTSD destroy your body and have a negative effect on the ones you love. If you won’t get help for yourself, get it for them.

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What It’s Like Working With Larry

“I received a somatic experience session with Larry and found it a deeply beneficial venture. My session with Larry took me out of my ever-analyzing mind and into my body and my heart. The result was a profound relief and settledness that I felt in an energetic way, not in a way I can explain with words or mental logic. This (somatic experience) may be a way for me to grow beyond my barriers and if Larry were based in the Seattle area he’d be my number one choice of practitioner because I felt so safe. As it is, I await his next adventure to the Pacific Northwest.” ~ Debra Oliver, Seattle, WA, 10/02/2011

Initial Consultation

After looking over your questionnaire, you may want to take the next step–a free, 20 minute, initial consultation. This will be a gentle consultation in which we will talk by phone to determine if you may have trauma or PTSD and could benefit from treatment. We will also have a chance to see if we are a good fit for further work. 

If you are interested in a private consultation, click here. Or call 562-279-3123.

My practice is in Long Beach, CA where we can work face-to-face and possibly incorporate touch (table) work. But I also work over the phone or through Skype.

In addition to my practice above, I also work with Family Systems and lead Family Constellations in Long Beach, CA and throughout the country.