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The Mystery of Trauma: A Healing Story

All my life, whenever I found myself in a group of people, whether it was a party of friends, a professional gathering,  or a group of spiritual seekers, I always felt separate from everyone else. I always felt like I didn’t belong. This was true even when it came to family. When my family sat down to open gifts at Christmas, I always felt like an outsider that had somehow wormed his way inside.

But when I touched into the feelings of this lifelong issue during a Somatic Experiencing® session, I uncovered the memory of a medical trauma in childhood. When I was around seven years old, I had spent the night in the children’s ward of a hospital (already a traumatic situation) to have my tonsils removed. In the morning, as the nurses came and took the other children away for their surgeries one by one, I watched and waited for my turn, alone and terrified. I was the last of the ten children to be taken in to surgery.

During the session, as the feelings of that traumatic incident arose, I gently discharged the stressful nervous energy that had lingered in my body from that event over fifty years ago and felt immediate relief. Logically, that event doesn’t  seem to have anything to do with my issue with groups of people. But those anxious feelings of separation vanished. Since that moment, I now find myself quite comfortable at any kind of gathering. I feel like I am an integral and necessary part of any group in which I find myself.

Quite often, the source of our negative experiences or feelings can found way in the past in events that don’t seem to have anything to do with our problems now. That’s the mystery of trauma. The proof of how effective trauma work is is that years later, those old feelings have never returned.

More About Larry

Larry is a Somatic Experience® Practitioner (SEP) who helps train others in Somatic Experiencing® and Trauma Resolution. He has also trained and been certified in NARM (Neuro-Associative Relational Model for developmental traumas) NLP, Hypnosis, Time-Line Therapy, Brainspotting, and Somatic Resilience and Regulation After Early Trauma.

Larry’s gift is in taking elements from all his trainings and intuitively combining them into effective treatments for those he sees. Larry treats all kinds of traumas, from “soft” to “hard” traumas such as complex PTSD and Anxiety Disorders. He also works with pain, depression, anxiety/panic attacks,  pre-natal and developmental attachment disorders, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, car accidents, and physical attacks.

Larry has a special place in his heart for returning combat vets and works by phone and Skype, helping them to not only be free of the symptoms PTSD but also to become more alive and empowered.

Larry also works with inter-generational traumas by facilitating both group and personal Family Constellations.

Larry also teaches Tai Chi Chih! and has extensively studied shamanism for over 25 years. He teaches a series of workshops on Hawaiian Shamanism worldwide and sometimes incorporates these ancient healing techniques into his practice in Long Beach, CA.

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What Larry Brings to the Table:

I’ve been trained and certified in a number of modalities, all of which I use as needed in my trauma and PTSD treatments.

  • M.A. Psychology: 1995
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP): Certificate by the Somatic Experience Trauma Institute after completing their intensive 3-year program. Also qualified to provide and sign-off on personal sessions to students of Somatic Experiencing to the advanced level.
  • NARM (Neuro Associative Relational Model): Trained and certified by its creator, Larry Heller, in his 2-year program and Master Class series.
  • ISP (Integral Somatic Psychotherapy): Trained by its creator, Rajah Selvam.
  • Somatic Resilience and Regulation After Early Trauma: Trained and certified  by its creators Kathy Kain and Steve Terell. By using this innovative approach that combines touch work with psychotherapy, we can directly tap into and release very early traumas and developmental disruptions that still exert an influence on the adult. Very effective in treating attachment disorders and developmental issues.
  • Touch Skills Bodywork: Certified by Kathy Kain in a type of bodywork that uses touch to  directly tap into traumas and patterns held in the body that may not be remembered. Very effective in treating early developmental issues.
  • Brainspotting: Certified in David Grand’s trauma technique derived from EMDR.
  • Generational Brainspotting: Blends Brainspotting with Family Constellations.
  • NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP): Certified Master Level Practitioner. Practicing for over 25 years.
  • Time Line Therapy: Certified by Tad James, the creator of this innovative approach to releasing negative emotions. Based on NLP.
  • Hypnotherapy: Certified Master Hypnotherapist and practitioner for over 25 years.
  • Family and Systems Constellations: Certified Facilitator with over 12 years experience and 5 years of training. This is perhaps the most effective way of releasing the effects of inter-generational trauma.
  • Shamanic Practitioner: Graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-year program. Practicing for over 20 years.
  • Tai Chi Chih!: Certified and teaching for 25 years.
  • Hawaiian Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner: Certified alakai with a teaching and healing practice for over 20 years.