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Joseph Campbell“People say that what we are seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that that’s what we are really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”
~Joseph Campbell

“Feeling the rapture of being alive.” That is what this website is all about.

More to the point, it is about showing  you what gets in the way of that experience. It’s about finding out how stress and trauma can block you from feeling alive and what you can do to end that stuckness.

What is stress and trauma? How do they show up in your life? How do they rob you of your vitality, your health, your sense of well being, and the joy in your relationships? But more than that, how do you heal from the effects of stress and trauma that originated in events that happened in the past yet still have an impact on your life in the present?

Stress and Trauma are conditions which many people have learned to tolerate in their lives. Perhaps they’ve learned some coping skills, like deep breathing or counting slowly from 1 to 10. Or perhaps they’ve just trained themselves to ignore these feelings,  pretending they just aren’t a problem. But when one has to cope with what one is feeling, then one is still feeling it, which is why one has to cope with it. This means the feelings of stress or trauma have not been resolved and are still having an effect on the body and mind. Whether or not we’re coping with them, stress and trauma highjack our sense of aliveness and connectedness that makes us feel fully human.

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Larry Kessler

Larry Kessler

Maybe you think you don’t have any traumas. But even mild or “soft” traumas such as a sport injury, a fall, or a trip to the dentist, minor events that seem to be a part of everyday life, can be the source of an untold number of mental conditions and physical issues that we have carried for most of our lives. I found this to be true in my case and also in the case of thousands of others I have treated. These soft traumas still stay with us, and I found I could help others get rid of their effects easily.

Although I also help people with all types of “hard” traumas, such as car accidents,  abuse, and assaults, I have a special place in my heart for combat veterans returning from war with PTSD. What I do for them is just as effective as it is for the softer traumas. Watching the symptoms melt away and new possibilities and choices unfold for these men and women fills me with an indescribable joy.

I consider Somatic Experiencing® the best treatment for trauma and PTSD.  I’ve trained in many techniques but have found SE to be the most effective and most gentle way to collapse the physical and emotional prison of trauma that entraps its victims in pain and suffering for many years.

Along with the body-based focus of Somatic Experiencing®, I often incorporate one or more of the other techniques, such as body work, NLP, or Brainspotting, I have learned over the years to produce a treatment that is designed for each person and uniquely effective in resolving stress, trauma, and PTSD. Click here to see what else I bring to the table.

You’re invited to write me to talk about what is going on with you, how trauma may have impacted your life, and what we can do to help you be free. Contact me.
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~Larry Kessler~