Brainspotting for Trauma and PTSD

Exciting New Treatment For Trauma and PTSD

Brainspotting is an exciting, effective new tool in the field of trauma and PTSD treatment. The following 10-minute video is of David Grand, its creator, talking about it and how it works.


Besides being effective in the treatment of trauma and PTSD, it is also a great help with physical pain and emotional issues and blockages. It also has a profound way of accelerating personal growth. In my practice, I combine Somatic Experiencing, arguably the best trauma treatment out there, with Brainspotting when treating trauma and PTSD.

Lisa Schwarz, mentioned in the video, is another expert in Brainspotting. To see a brief interview I did with her, to go my blog post of September 12, 2011.

For more information, or to experience a session of Brainspotting either face-to-face, over the phone, or by Skype, contact me. Or to see a list of other techniques I use, click here.

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  1. Mike B says:

    That’s a very interesting video with David Grand on Brainspotting.

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